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COD Digital Measurement - Lovibond® COD Setup

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The Lovibond® MD100 COD vario test setup allows highly sensitive and precise water testing with minimum effort. It measures the amount of oxygen required for oxidation of the water components by photometric means. (COD = Chemical Oxygen Demand.)

A known sample volume is added to a Lovibond® COD vario vial test, which is heated in the reactor and then analysed in the COD vario photometer. The COD-Setup comprises the MD100* COD vario photometer, 25 vial tests for each of the two lower measuring ranges, a reactor for sample digestion, and a vial stand. This is in accordance with ISO15705:2002.

* NOTE: In place of the MD100, several other instruments could be substituted, if you prefer:

The waste water parameter COD

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) is an important parameter for the assessment of municipal and industrial waste water. COD is used to analyse the organic component of water by determining the amount of oxygen required to oxidise these components.

During COD determination, the sample is heated and strong oxidising agents added to convert the organic matter present. In combination with high temperatures, the oxidising agents ensure complete oxidation of the organic components in the water. The COD value therefore indicates the total level of oxidised organic components in the water sample.

MD100 COD vario photometer

With a measuring range from 0 to 15,000 mg/l O2, the Lovibond® MD100 COD vario photometer is suitable for waste water testing.

Two LEDs light sources with long-term stability (±1 = 605 nm; ±2 = 430 nm), a waterproof sample chamber, a large digital display, and the user-friendly keypad ensure maximum operating reliability and convenience.

Chemical digestion is a prerequisite for the calculation of COD levels.

The required temperatures and reaction time are programmed using the membrane keypad on the front of the Lovibond® reactor RD 125. The unit works at three different temperatures (100 / 120 / 150 degrees C) and three preset reaction times (30 / 60 / 120 minutes). At the end of the reaction time, the reactor automatically switches off and gives a short beep.

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COD VarioTube Tests

The Lovibond® COD Vario tube tests are available for the measuring ranges 0 - 150 mg/l O2, 0 - 1500 mg/l O2 and 0 - 15 000mg/l O2. Their chemical properties and a 16 mm tube diameter is suitable for use with with other COD photometers, such as Hach. Refills can be ordered in a set of 25 or 150.


  • ST-COD sealed tubes ready for use
  • Suppression of chloride interference up to 1000 mg/l
  • 3 measuring ranges:
    Low Range: 0-150 mg/l, according to
    ISO 15705:2003-01
    Middle Range: 0-1500 mg/l, according to
    ISO 15705:2003-01
    High Range: 0-15000 mg/l


2 years