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Microbiological Analysis - Potakit 1 & 2


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Potakit 1 is a fully portable microbiological and physico-chemical testing kit designed to measure the key parameters of drinking water quality in the field.

The instruments in the Potakit use simple techniques with low cost consumables to enable those with a non-technical background and minimum training to obtain accurate test results. Potakit 2 is for microbiological use only.

The instruments involved are slightly less sophisticated than those in the Potalab – which in many cases makes the Potakit an affordable and effective resource.

Potakit 1 measures the following parameters: Faecal and Total Coliform, pH, Conductivity / TDS, Turbidity, Chlorine, Nitrates, Nitrates, Ammonia, Fluorides and Arsenic.


  • Single incubator, capacity of 20 petri dishes, temperature switchable between 37 and 44ºC, allows incubation of either faecal or total coliforms
  • Fully portable Incubator – can be powered via external rechargeable battery, AC mains operation, DC operation via vehicle lighter socket or even solar power
  • Waterproof, digital pocket meters for pH and Conductivity
  • Two part turbidity tube
  • Colour Comparator for testing over 30 different chemical parameters
  • Includes the VCDK arsenic testing device for the visual, quantitative analysis of arsenic to ppb levels
  • Uses, long-life, low-cost reagents and consumables available locally through Wagtech in-country representatives
  • Supplied with reagents & consumables to carry out 200 microbiological tests and 200 tests each of Ammonia, Arsenic, Chlorine (DPD1 & 3), Fluoride, Nitrites and Nitrates
  • Comprehensive but simple to use operation manuals for all instruments
  • All components housed in a single, lockable, water-proof aluminium carry case